Why is wood so good?

Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials available. Wood products store carbon, and every time we use wood as a building material, we don’t use materials like concrete and steel that cause massive amounts of CO2 to be produced! In 2021, cement production made up 3 per cent of global CO2 emissions and iron and steel accounted for 7 per cent.

When wood is used as a building material, it continues to store carbon for as long as it’s used as a product! At Scanpole, we are proud to produce environmentally friendly building materials that are made to last for generations.

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Chadwick Dearing Oliver, Nedal T. Nassar, Bruce R. Lippke & James B. McCarter: “Carbon, Fossil Fuel and Biodiversity Mitigation with Wood and Forests”


How do you know that “Wood is Good”?

All our wood is sustainably sourced, and we work in close collaboration with forest owners to ensure that the trees are properly handled. Our raw materials are sourced from PEFC-certified forests. The PEFC is a non-profit organization that helps ensure sustainable forest management practice. Our forestry department works directly with forest owners to make sure the trees are handled properly. Each of the trees has been growing from 60 to 100 years, and purchasing these trees is a very personal process. We always try to make the best possible use of every tree and teach our employees to respect the trees in turn. This ensures that Scanpole is operating in a way that guarantees that forests will thrive for generations to come.

Want to know more about Iivari Mononen’s commitment to sustainability? Read our 2021 sustainability report here.

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Sustainability in the Spotlight

At Scanpole, we want to go above and beyond to embrace sustainability. We’ve switched part of our electricity supply to a combination of wind and hydropower, and we are introducing a new copper oil based preservation technique that is environmentally friendly and safe to use in domestic settings such as school yards or home fencing. As a leader in the timber industry, we see it as our privilege and responsibility to set an example and follow practices that leave the world a better place for future generations.

Want to know more about Iivari Mononen’s commitment to sustainability?
Read our 2021 sustainability report here.

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