PrimaTimber Oy acquires Joensuun Höyläyspalvelu Oy

PrimaTimber Oy has acquired the share capital of Joensuun Höyläyspalvelu Oy.

As Joni Nousiainen, Managing Director of PrimaTImber describes, “We have long collaboration with Joensuun Höyläyspalvelu Oy and it has had a significant role in our production chain. Thanks to this business acquisition, we now have an excellent opportunity to develop our activities further.”

“As we want to develop and expand our current product range to include building materials, this acquisition supports our strategy in this respect”, Nousiainen continues.

The turnover of Joensuun Höyläyspalvelu Oy was 4.5 million euros in 2017. In addition to planing of timber, the company manufactures strength graded structural timber. The company’s eight staff members continue in their jobs as old employees.

The turnover of PrimaTimber Oy was 11.9 MEUR in 2017, being 6.2 % higher than the previous year. The company runs a timber impregnation plant and a storage hall in Joensuu harbor. Its’ total number of employees grows to 15 after the acquisition.


PrimaTimber produces and delivers premier quality impregnated timber, building materials for outdoor use and a wide range of components. Its customers consist of leading retailers, wholesale chains and wood product manufacturers. PrimaTimber’s main market areas are Finland, western Europe and Asia. The company is part of Iivari Mononen Group.

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