Long traditions and modern R&D

Scanpole is one of the leading pole producers in Europe. We deliver high-quality poles from Scandinavian forests to power networks and telecommunication utilities throughout the world. Our product range includes wooden poles for electricity, telecom and lighting networks, as well as timber products for infrastructure building and railway sleepers.

Scanpole products are sold worldwide, with the main export areas being western Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. Our production plants are located in Finland, Norway and the UK.

Scanpole belongs to the Iivari Mononen Group, which is a Finnish family enterprise with a long history in the global pole business. Other subsidiary of the Group is PrimaTimber Oy, which specializes in impregnated sawn and timber products.

Global operations with long-term experience

We want to bring good and secure infrastructure – electricity, light and communications – to different parts of the world.

We often deliver poles and other timber products to destinations with tough climatic conditions. Electricity in arid North Africa or data in Kazakhstan may well be transmitted in a network built with our poles. Over the years, we have delivered poles to over 60 countries.

We have long experience in the global pole trade. Our roots are in Iivari Mononen Oy, which was established over 70 years ago and which started pole exports in the 1950s. You can find the story of Iivari Mononen here.

Today, Scanpole employs 120 people and we deliver poles to approximately 30 countries each year.

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