High quality wooden poles for a variety of purposes

Each year we deliver poles to about 30 countries. Our strong wooden poles are used for electricity distribution and transmission as well as for telecom networks. Our impregnated poles are manufactured according to customers’ standards.

The Scanpole lighting poles are used for lighting major roads as well as well as urban city centres and residential areas. The lighting poles are carefully selected, and they are especially straight with minimal taper. It is easy to fasten lamps onto our skilfully made poles. Our product range also includes security poles used especially along motorways. Security poles are hollow and break up on impact, reducing damages in case of a crash.

Lower impact on the environment
Pole+ products are treated with copper oil offering an sustainable and long-lasting solution. The durability of Pole+ products therefore meet the stringent requirements for critical infrastructure.

More information on electricity, telecom and lighting poles: sales@scanpole.com