Sustainable operations is our gift to future generations

Sustainability report 2021

Sustainability is our primary value when making decisions because we want to leave a better world for future generations

We are a responsible family company from Finland, with the third generation already at the helm. What we have built with hard work, we want to hand over to the next generations even more responsibly. All of the decisions we make now will have an impact for hundreds of years.

By ensuring responsible operations, we have a better view to predict the impact of our actions in the long run. Sustainability provides the future with security.

Only a financially sound company can promote sustainability

Because it is our policy to leave future generations with a legacy of increasingly sustainable operations, the company must be financially stable to make it possible. When making investment decisions, we always take into account the operating costs and energy consumption of the investments. We make decisions that are as energy-efficient and raw material efficient as possible  because the environmental burden is lower. Investing with an eye to the environmental burden also improves our profitability.

Our employees are our most important resource

From the beginning, the fundamental principle underlying our values has been that “no friend is ever left behind”. We want our employees to feel like they belong to the same family. We have an early intervention model that allows us to step in and take action when needed to ensure everyones’ work capacity.

We have wanted to create an open culture within our group, where employees can and should raise any concerns they might have to all levels of management. We invest in occupational health care and coping at work. We create a good team spirit in order to create internal entrepreneurship. We want to ensure our employees are proactive and motivated.

Thanks to our employees

We cannot thank our employees enough for all these years. We have always wanted to hire better employees than we are ourselves. As a token of gratitude, we want to offer a caring and healthy workplace that aims to take different situations in life into account. Committed people have long careers, which is also benefiting our company through cost-efficiency.

We create vitality in sparsely populated areas

We want to allow our employees to have a comfortable living environment at all of our locations. We employ local residents and support sports and cultural activities in the area.

We want people to enjoy living and feel comfortable in the places and regions where we operate and for our employees to thrive there. The region’s diverse leisure opportunities are part of this vitality, appeal and comfort. We support related activities aligned with our values.

First sustainability report

Wood stores carbon throughout its life cycle and is, therefore, a climate-friendly choice. With this report, we want to establish the climate impacts of our products and present the results of
long-term calculations.

Sustainability report 2021 (pdf)

CEO Ari Mononen

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