Respecting the environment

Responsible operations and continuous development

Our environment management system and a set of high standards demonstrate our consistent work in considering the environment.

Scanpole’s environment programme is part of the company’s ISO 14001 certified environment management system. It advances and manages our operations systematically with environmental considerations.

In addition to wood procurement, our certification covers the manufacture, impregnation and sales of wooden poles and impregnated timber products in Joensuu (Finland), Ilseng (Norway) and Newport (UK).

Chain of Custody

Our wood procurement complies with the principles of sustainable development. The Chain of Custody of PEFC-certified timber ensures that the timber we use has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. Iivari Mononen Group has Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (certificate number PEFC/02-44-24), which ensures environmental considerations and responsibility in timber harvesting and sourcing of timber.

You can find all our certificates here.