Iivari Mononen Group continued its strong growth both domestically and internationally

Iivari Mononen Group continued its strong growth both domestically and internationally

 The annual report and final accounts of the Iivari Mononen Group were published this week. The company has developed according to its strategic goals, and its turnover grew to 85.7 million euros which is 15 % higher than in the previous year. Despite the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s profitability increased as well. All the Group’s subsidiaries broke their earlier turnover records.

  • We made full use of our previous years’ acquisitions and the synergies they provided. In addition, the growing demand for impregnated timber boosted the construction timber and agricultural fencing business in the home markets, says Managing Director Ari Mononen.

The Group has consistently made investments in digitalization. These actions allowed further development of management practices and of the integrated management system during the time of strict coronavirus restrictions.

  • The development of the integrated management system will continue. It will make us more robust and ensure profitable growth also in the coming years. The world has changed greatly during the past year and these operating models are necessary in the future, Ari Mononen says.

The coronavirus pandemic underpinned the significance of corporate responsibility more than ever.

  • At times it has been straining for our staff to cope with the unpredictable coronavirus situation. Therefore, it has been of utmost importance for us to look after our employees and support their well-being and health. We have followed strict health and safety regulations at our offices and utilised teleworking opportunities.

A carbon footprint calculation project continued during the year along with work towards reducing environmental impacts.

  • We aim to be carbon neutral throughout the Group by the year 2035, Ari Mononen states.


Iivari Mononen Group is a Finnish family-owned enterprise. It has 219 employees in four countries. The Group consists of:

  • Scanpole Oy which operates the pole business and has subsidiaries in Norway, Great Britain and Sweden
  • PrimaTimber Oy which specializes in impregnated and strength graded timber products, and
  • Exsane Oy which provides services for infrastructure networks.


Further information:
Ari Mononen, CEO

The Annual Report 2020 of Iivari Mononen Group is available here.

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