Poles for electricity transmission and telecommunications

The main uses for our poles are electricity distribution networks and transmission networks as well as the landline telephone network. We manufacture the poles according to the customer’s standards. If needed, we will advise the customer by measuring the wood pole dimensions and calculating the loads to be carried. We also produce poles according to other standards or customer’s individual requirements.

Scanpole BBH offers also a range of advanced technical services for the electricity and telecommunications industry in the United Kingdom. In Finland, the Iivari Mononen Group provides technical services by another subsidiary, Exane Oy.

Lighting poles

Our range comprises lighting poles with various dimensions for various uses. Lighting poles are carefully selected from the large pole range according to special requirements so that they are especially straight and their taper is minimal. We are also able to engineer the top of the pole to exactly fit the dimensions of the shaft of the lamp. Safety poles manufactured using special methods are also included in our production line.

Fencing products

Scanpole BBH provides quality fencing products and services throughout the UK and Ireland. Different treatment schedules and preservatives allow us to make timber suitable for many different types of fencing, e.g. highway fencing, sound barrier fencing, agricultural fencing and equestrian products.

PrimaTimber, another member of the Iivari Mononen Group, provides a wide selection of class A impregnated sawn and planed timber and round timber used in agricultural and garden constructions. Read more.

Railway sleepers and side products

We manufacture railway sleepers from pine for the needs of railway companies and industrial rail tracks throughout the world. Land abutments and beams for electricity and telecommunication poles are made using high quality pine sawn timber or laminated timber, according to the customer’s specifications.

The most commonly used standards:

  • BS 2662 Finland, Estonia
  • DIN 48 350 Germany
  • BS 1990 England
  • NF C 67 – 100 France
  • EN 14 229 harmonised European wood pole standard, defining the measuring and testing of wood pole properties
  • Scanpole BBH Pine product range treated in accordance with BS8417 meet the requirements of the UK’s Wood Protection Association’s (WPA) Benchmark Scheme.